We partner with innovative organisations to navigate the unknown. Our design led approach builds the disciplines necessary to support clients and enable systems change.

Even the most experienced and talented leaders among us can feel stuck at times when seeking to run an innovative organisation. Caught between our vision for the future and the complex operational contexts we find ourselves in, we can struggle to see a  clear path to results. Without a sense of tangible progress, and with the pressure to demonstrate success to stakeholders, it’s unsurprising so many leaders feel overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Benefit Capital’s team understand these challenges. As business owners, social innovators and impact investment practitioners we have faced these same challenges. Our experience has highlighted there is rarely a one-size fits all solution. We use a design-led approach to co-create solutions for your specific context. We catalyse systems change by connecting the dots, contextualising the solution and facilitating the appropriate capital investment needed.

The impact of this approach and Benefit Capital’s experience is that it allows us to bridge the gap between strategy and execution to navigate the unknown for lasting impact.​

What we DO

Areas of Expertise

We support leaders with business modelling and strategy to help them realise their growth and impact objectives.
Economic Development
We design and run programs  bringing the best of the commercial world to the delivery of sustainable development outcomes.
Impact Investment
We bring together intention and measurability, making the delivery of positive outcomes for the world and positive financial returns a reality.
Supporting and building capability of business leaders to develop good governance practices.
Impact Reporting
Our team design measurement and reporting frameworks that answer the question, “How will we know if we are creating the change we seek?”
Capacity Building
Relationship based support and mentorship for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to ensure access to coaching, mentorship, capital and other services as needed.
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