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Benefit Capital's passionate team members

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

–Margaret Mead


Paul Steele

Director and Co-Founder
Email: paul@benefit.capital

A Strategic Leader and Innovator, Paul specialises in creating organisations and businesses that are great places to work, make a positive contribution to the world, are sustainable and robust and deliver value to all stakeholders.

In leading organisational change, Paul draws on his innovative approach, creative problem solving and ability to see the “big picture,” while giving the required attention to the details that matter. He enjoys complex challenges and brings creativity and flexibility with a disciplined approach to producing solutions. However, his success and reputation in the marketplace has been drawn from his ability to address the human factors that are the root cause in many organisational issues. Paul believes in leadership that is not about how aggressive, decisive, and visionary you are; but, is about how you bring these qualities out in others.

As a Senior Executive, Paul specialises in facilitating the development of entrepreneurial teams. Simultaneously he creates a culture that explores ways to do business that are aligned with the social, environmental and commercial realities of the 21st century. His leadership approach intentionally embraces chaos theory, encourages systems thinking and blends emotional intelligence. This characterises Paul’s ability to facilitate high performance teams.

Paul loves to consult with organisations and individuals, using his transformational facilitation skills, he guides a process of change, helping his clients move toward the things that matter. His consultation approach is one grounded in his own ``hands on`` approach to organisational management. He is not just a theoretical consultant, he is a practitioner.


Bessi Graham

Director and Co-founder
Email: bessi@benefit.capital

Bessi is a leading example of a practitioner with a deep understanding of what it takes to grow organisations capable of attracting private capital for public good, in both impact investment and social enterprise. She was recognised as an entrepreneur in the 2017 Telstra Business Women's Awards as a finalist. Bessi is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Melbourne; she designed and runs their Foundations of Impact Investing program for the Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre. She is internationally recognised for her work in designing the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund; her role as Co- Founder of TDi, Benefit Capital and the Impact Investment Centre; and her tireless advocacy for the role of Investable Social Enterprises (ISEs) in bringing about solutions to societies most pressing challenges.

For the last 20 years Bessi’s work has focused on helping unlock all forms of capital for people and organisations delivering positive social and environmental outcomes. The common theme across all of the businesses she owns, founded and runs is a belief in the power of business as an agent for change if you design models that can “Do Good and Make Money”.

Bessi is a sought after speaker and has played a leading role in engaging the social sector on the important topic of outcomes measurement through her work as inaugural Chair of SIMNA, Head Judge of Australia's first Impact Measurement Awards, Chair and facilitator of Australia's leading Measurement Conferences and for Co-authoring the report 'Impact Measurement: Exploring its role in impact investment' with NAB's Elliot Anderson.

Bessi has a background in management consulting and training and holds a BA majoring in politics and a MA in International Relations. She has also completed the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education courses 'Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance' and 'Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage'; and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Jacqui Ralley

Project Support
Email: jacqui@benefit.capital

The details person! Jacqui supports the team in making it all happen.

Brad web

Brad Graham

Director of Design and Innovation
Email: brad@benefit.capital

The design and innovation brain of the operation!


Lynda Long

Projects Manager
Email: lynda@benefit.capital

Project Manager extraordinaire, Lynda makes things happen!


Angela Steele

Financial Controller
Email: angela@benefit.capital

Keeper and watcher of the dollars and cents.

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