Benefit Capital - putting capital to good use

If a values-driven approach to business can begin to redirect this vast power toward more constructive ends than the simple accumulation of wealth, the human race and Planet Earth will have a fighting chance.

Ben Cohen

``You must be the change you wish to see in the world.``

Mahatma Gandhi

“My dream is to find individuals who take financial resources and convert them into changing the world in the most positive ways.”

Jacqueline Novogratz

What we do

Do Good and Make Money

Benefit Capital works with organisations who seek to ‘do good and make money’. We do this through strengthening and shaping their access to, and use of, all forms of capital – financial, human, social and intellectual.

As leaders in the impact investment and social sectors, we know first-hand that the outcomes you achieve are strongly linked to the initial design and framing of any organisation or project.

Our focus is to help our clients think differently and ultimately design approaches that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes alongside solid financial returns. We passionately believe in the role of business to be an agent for effective change and we love helping others unlock the full potential of their organisations.

We’re more than consultants. We actively invest in, own, and operate, as well as provide governance services to multiple businesses. Our highly-motivated and experienced team provide us with the tools we need to support, shape, and design innovative approaches that can change the way business and ‘doing good’ interact.

  • Impact Investment Centre, Ground Floor, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia