Innovation & Design Thinking


Are you designing an innovative response to an entrenched problem that is yet to be solved? 

This is a place to explore, dream, test and be surrounded by other renegades eager to see you succeed and ready to push and challenge you to move forward. For us innovation and design thinking are not about making decisions, they are about creating options and possibilities.

We blend the innovation of new and far reaching concepts with a practitioner’s insights into how things actually work on the ground. We help you zoom out and look at the big picture in a different way so you can identify what levers you have to unlock the whole system.


“Bessi frames things very clearly to a non technical audience and brings a different perspective and way of thinking. Bessi shares her expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the broader team which is hugely valuable for us. This is a relatively new area of work and not everyone has that approach”

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Our Service Offerings

Design thinking & scenario modelling

We help you challenge assumptions and redefine problems so you can identify options and scenarios that you may not have ever thought of. We highlight the simple side of complexity because we come with fresh perspectives.

Impact management & measurement

We design with intention and measurability in mind. We draw from the work of Impact Management Project to help you identify the relevant measures and use measurement to improve your outcomes.

Strategy & governance

We understand the dance between the ‘boundary pushing’ of visionary boldness and the need for firm governance, strong accountability and effective systems of measurement required to increase the chance of delivering blended value outcomes.

Organisational training

Our training helps your team to have a shared understanding and common language so that together you can achieve your goals.

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Delivering Value

Are you struggling to bring together the social and environmental impact you want to create with the realities of commercial outcomes?

Preparing for Impact Investment

Are you ready for the next stage of growth for your business?

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