Is Blended Value Without Compromise Possible?
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A return to the roots of business – creating value for humanity.

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At Benefit Capital blended value is at the heart of how we think and operate. It is the delivery of both a social or environmental return AND a financial return. It’s a win-win that does not compromise on either side of the social or financial equation. We’re uncompromising in the pursuit of this, and to return to the roots of business – creating value for humanity.

Over the years we have engaged with thousands of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and organisations. We’ve met people with strong commercial skills and people with an ability to deliver solid social outcomes; but it’s rare to find those with the skills to integrate both into the same business model.

Sure, there are those who are doing both but in very distinct silos; seeking to make money on the commercial side and then actively “giving back” through philanthropic or other charitable vehicles. At Benefit Capital, when we talk about blended value that type of model is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking integration of the parts of your business or personal life where you are “doing good” and the parts where you are “making money”.

How can you create a life, business, or job where you can both contribute (do good) and make money without feeling guilty or needing to compromise on one side of the equation?

Grappling with how to design a business model that truly integrates doing good AND making money is at the heart of delivering blended value. This topic is still as relevant now as it was years ago when we filmed this video as founders of TDi. Paul and I have advocated this approach for decades and have dedicated our careers to helping others find their own blended value business models.

In amongst the ever changing social and economic landscape we find ourselves in – a world bursting with opportunity to think and design differently as we rebuild – can you carve out some time to think about what a more integrated business model might look like for your organisation?


Some questions to ask yourself:
  • When you look at your current core business, what are the “assets” you have?
  • What is valuable about those assets?
    • To who?
    • What could/would they pay?
  • What is, or could be, “blended” in your core business (as in where an increase in the positive social or environmental return also creates an increase in the financial return)?

We are all operating in a time of massive, rapid change. Moments of big change are our forte at Benefit Capital. Remember that while things may seem overwhelming there are huge opportunities for organisations that can innovate, create and capture value in new ways. As Paul says in this  “If they can’t think blended, they chase them separately… The real opportunity is when you chase them together.”

It’s time to stop chasing profit and purpose separately. The real opportunity for your organisation is to chase them together and create blended value.

All power to you as you explore your integrated model!

We love working with intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs at moments of big change when the next steps aren’t clear, and precedent seems hard to find. If you’re feeling the need to think differently and want to explore how we could help you build an organisation that integrates your social and financial drivers we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to and let’s have a conversation.

Bessi and the team at Benefit Capital