What We Do


As seasoned entrepreneurs, strategists and impact investors we work alongside leaders to design and implement new models that blend social impact with financial returns.

We’re co-conspirators supporting daring innovators to lead transformational change.


We bring our strategic thinking, entrepreneurial wisdom and experience to help you blend social impact and commercial realities.


We give you the confidence to push boundaries, create sustainable models and inspire others. 


We support you to lead transformational change and create a legacy you can be proud of.

We Work With

Intrapreneurs in government, corporate or NFPs who see moments of big change, in their organisation or the ecosystem they work in, as opportunities and seek ways to make the most of them.
Growth Stage Entrepreneurs who want to take their social impact and business to the next level but are unsure of their next step.

Designing next steps for a world of unknowns.

We support you to navigate the practicalities of designing systems and business models that intentionally blend social and commercial realities. 

Bringing our deep knowledge and hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, innovators and advisors we offer strategy, business modelling, governance expertise and practical wisdom to support you lead organisational change.

Innovation & design thinking

Are you designing an innovative response to an entrenched problem that is yet to be solved?

Delivering value

Are you struggling to bring together the social and environmental impact you want to create with the realities of commercial outcomes?

Preparing for impact investment

Are you ready for the next stage of growth for your business?

Why Work With Us

We are known for our pioneering work in social innovation and impact investment.

We offer unique perspectives that come from the fact we are practitioners like you. We’ve experienced the satisfaction of successful deals that make a positive impact, but we’ve also had our fair share of failure and felt the deep disappointment of the unintended consequences of our decision making. We embrace the challenge to design systems based on the abundance of capital that can be used for good and we share the ambitious goal to see this become business as usual.

We conceptualise


verb: conceptualise

…to form an idea or principle in your mind.

>We identify patterns in ecosystems and spot the gaps that prevent markets from working. We seek out people and organisations around the world who have experience in those areas and partner with them. We don’t want to build from scratch unless we really need to, wherever possible we want to leverage the skills and expertise of people and solutions that are already working. 

Our ability to conceptualise has led to the establishment of Ethical Property Australia (EPA) and TDi in Australia and Fusion and TechLab in the Pacific.

We capitalise


verb: capitalise

…to use something for our collective advantage.

Starting with your team, we help you leverage the different forms of capitals at your fingertips. As investors ourselves, we understand what investors are looking for. We help you align capital – human, environmental, spiritual, cultural and financial – to create businesses that benefit people and planet.

Our experience in capitalising has helped SMEs thrive in the Pacific through the work of TDi, Genesis Impact Fund and Pacific RISE. We are experienced investors ourselves as angel investors, venture capitalists, and impact investors both through direct investments and through funds supporting early to growth stage enterprises. 

We commercialise 


strong verb: commercialise

…to design and build in a way that generates value and drives revenue.

So often when people are driven by a social or environmental mission or purpose, they stop short of asking the question “What do we have of value someone would pay for?” We bring a commercial lens to all of the work we do and help you search for the capitals you have, the value you create and the ways in which you can monetise that.

Our ability to commercialise has led those we work with to build sustainable business models, access capital, grow and scale their organisations and the impact they contribute to.


“At the end of the day, Paul and Bessi are both entrepreneurs. They’re very happy to come up with a concept or a business and push it out there, test it, poke it, prod it, question and change it … and do all those things to build it and scale it … that’s why they’re successful. There are very few true entrepreneurs on the planet, and it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that they bring to Benefit Capital that I think is so exciting…”

Caleb Jarvis, Trade & Investment Commissioner, Pacific Trade Invest

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